Kelly Smith, d.b.a. Associated Services, is an executive service organization founded in 1984 that provides governmental, management, administrative and member communication services to associations, businesses and organizations. The company is centrally located near major interstate highways in Columbia, SC. A highly professional staff (program coordinators, comptroller, meeting planners, receptionist) stands ready to serve the needs of clients using modern equipment and computer technology.

Associated Services represents clients who have management and administrative budgets from $10,000 to $250,000, dependent upon the services and support desired. These organizations represent a membership with a dues base of $15.00 per member to $19,500.00 per member. The dues base is supplemented through seminars, workshops, convention programs, legislative and lobbying services and special assessments for special programs desired by members of the organizations.

Associated Services has a philosophy of working directly with the Board of Directors and members of organizations to develop a program of work and a budget to implement the program of work. Historically, organizations represented by Associated Services have sustained a 5% to 20% increase in membership growth for up to five years.

We currently serve organizations in the following industries:
  • banking
  • mining
  • local government
  • agriculture
  • automobile